Our Services

At Nobel, we believe that metal is the ultimate commodity, due to its rich recycling potential, and material ability to reduce the environmental impact of any person or private entity who owns or manufactures it.


We Buy Better

We own a professionally-integrated metal network designed for optimized buying and selling cycles of scrap metals and other recyclable materials. We buy any of your scrap metals or recyclables at industry-standard prices, including ferrous and non-ferrous metal, red metal, aluminum, lead, zinc, and steel, with intent to create profitable, closed-loop solutions for each piece of recycled metal that comes in to our sales dealership.


We Sell Better

We sell better products by establishing key partnerships with manufacturers, utility providers, demolition groups, and construction dealers – so you don’t have to. Combine that with an honest network of metal scrappers and peddlers, and we think we’ve created the ultimate marketplace for scrap.


We Manage Better

We process high volumes of industrial scrap metal for a variety of domestic and international markets. Foundries, firms, nonprofits, and institutions have hired us to carry out ethically responsible projects in the past.


Scrap Yard Facility

Come visit our public scrap yard and metal sales dealership, operating for residents of Montreal and the surrounding metropolitan area, based in St. Mathieu de Beloeil, QC.


Optimized Energy Consulting

We offer consulting services geared toward achieving peak energy optimization for low-emission, closed-loop processes that will shrink your metal footprint from day one. We also identify process inefficiencies and audit your metal recycling workflow to establish data-driven initiatives for better overall metal management.


ROI-Driven Sustainability

A sustainability model that’s ROI-driven? Hard to believe, but it exists. We’ve facilitated the creation of many different sustainability initiatives in Quebec and Canada, and they’ve all managed to benefit the environment and successfully convert metal – all while significantly augmenting ROI.

Your Efficiency Audit

For companies or private entities that are new to smart metal management, we can conduct an audit to determine which sources are creating the largest environmental impact for you. Following your audit, you’ll build your own campaign designed for automated metal conversion and professional metal recycling on an independent basis. If you’d like to request a full-service efficiency audit for your own enterprise, please send us an email with the subject line ‘Efficiency Audit’ to info@metauxnobel.com , or call us at 450-649-5244.

Always Green

Our flagship program for establishing a fundamentally clean and green metal management model from end-to-end.