• Scrap Yard &
    Metal Sales

    Professional scrap yard and metal sales dealer serving the greater Montréal area; premium buyer and seller of ferrous and non-ferrous metals; We buy. We sell. We manage.


  • Smart

    For individuals and businesses in Quebec, there are plenty of smart recycling measures to be made for proper handling of your metals.


  • Residential & Industrial

    Given that recyclable materials are a building block of our residential and industrial infrastructure, your car, your business, and your miscellaneous metals can be considered a commodity.


Reduce Your Footprint

If Canada aims to be a leader in the fight against climate change, it starts with creating a better recycling system for each citizen.

You can enhance your recycling routine by monitoring your metal purchases, streamlining your business’s supply chain, and implementing new, environmentally-friendly equipment for each metal that you process. If you are a large-scale commercial or industrial business, reach out to us – we can help you develop your own smart metal management plan today.

Sustainable & Environmental Expertise

The ‘Always Green’ Initiative

At Nobel, we’ve always been driven by the same four principles of metal management: reduction, reuse, recycling, and recovery.

As the world economic system transitions to a greener, more sustainable way of operating, there are certain approaches that your business should adopt in order to maximize the impact of your metal. Through our ‘Always Green’ Initiative, any individual, business, or contractor that handles metals will develop a personalized framework that conserves metal, lowers costs, and reduces impact. Our experience has shown that the simplest solution is to manage metal recycling more intuitively at the source, having overseen many successful ‘profitable metal’ campaigns as a result.

Smart Sustainability Practices

The main challenge of sustainability in business is consistency. If you’re running a metal-oriented business, this means conducting routine inspections, auditing processes to eliminate wasteful behaviors, and establishing newer, more sustainable ones through smart recycling. it’s one thing to send your metal and steel to a scrap yard – sustainability requires a paradigm shift in how we see the health of our business, relative to industry.

The bottom line is, sustainability is a critical investment to make for any business’s future, and proper metal management should be a top priority for any forward-thinking enterprise in any industry.